About us

Must Jewelry has been sourcing, manufacturing and marketing diamonds as well as fine jewelry since the 1980s. Founded and led by twin brothers who have over 30 years of experience in the diamond industry.

Israeli-born twin brothers, founders, and designers, Yossi and Shauli Sidi, were drawn to art from a very early age. Painting was and remains today a very vital part of their lives. As children, the brothers were introduced to the world of diamonds through family members in the industry. Combining their growing creativity and exposure to the world of diamonds, falling in love with the trade was inevitable. Motivated by a love for the industry, a love for art and a love for their families, the brothers embarked to fulfill a dream by transforming their artistic hobby into a business. 

Must Jewelry began as a trading and manufacturing company, aka Must Diamonds (parent company). As their understanding and passion for the diamond industry heightened, the brothers knew it was time to start doing what they do best: designing. By becoming experts in the entire jewelry-making process, every single piece of jewelry is entirely handmade in Israel. From manufacturing their own diamonds, sketching elegant designs, and implementation into actual jewelry, the process starts in the mine and ends on the consumer’s finger. Each piece is hands on polished to perfection.

Based in Tel Aviv, the fashion center of Israel - Yossi and Shauli Sidi personally oversee every aspect of our daily operations, and source stones from the world's largest diamond mines, allowing us to offer beautiful jewelry — at the best possible value — directly to the public. All jewelry is custom made according to the highest standards.